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“Strengthening the EU Law Studies in South East Europe” project - First Editorial Board of SEE Law Journal Meeting – Skopje, 19 – 21 February 2017 Completed

The first Editorial Board meeting of the SEE Law Journal within the scope of the project “Strengthening the EU Law Studies in South East Europe” was successfully completed in Skopje within the planned time frame from 19 to 21 of February at the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus I”.Participating were Editorial Board members that are coming from the major part of the SEELS network, the Editor in Chief and the Technical Editor of the publication. In the predefined time frame, the goal of the meeting - to rethink the existing and define new editorial policy of the SEE Law Journal was fully met. In addition the overall process of the edition of the journal was reviewed and proposals for improvement were made. Finally the workshop resulted with some concrete measures, recommendations and solutions for identified issues which were related to the existing SEE LJ. The current edition which was in process of publication during the meeting of the EB boardwas briefly addressed too, and final decision related to its publications were made. In the upcoming period the work on the creation of a web site/platform which will automatize highly the process of the production of the journal will be undertaken.

The project “Strengthening the EU Law Studies in South East Europe” is co-funded by the Erasmus + Jean Monnet Associations Programme of the European Union and is being implemented from September 2016. The project is envisaged to be implemented in 3 years’ time period and will last till August 2019 be implemented by the SEELS.

The project encloses creation of a multi-functional web platform which will allow easy access to information about current EU Law developments and it will automatize the production of the SEE LJ. Four editions of the SEE LJ are planned to be issued in the lifespan of the project. Constructed in this manner it is expected that the project will strengthen the capacities of the network as key competence centre for EU Law studies in the region as well the faculties’ capacity for EU legal studies, while increasing the visibility of SEELS and SEE LJ which is expected to become the main vehicle for the promotion of EU law affairs in South East Europe.

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