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Information on SEELS' Jean Monnet project now officially available on the webpage of the European Commission

SEELS’ project “Strengthening EU legal studies in South East Europe” supported by the European Commission under the programme Erasmus+ Jean Monnet is now officially promoted on the European Commission’s webpage
The project aims to advance and promote the exchange of knowledge and views on the development of the legal systems in South Eastern Europe (SEE) in accordance with EU law. The envisaged activities will reinforce the structures for the development and promotion of the SEE Law Journal (SEE LJ) as a statutory activity of the SEELS Network. The SEE LJ deals with EU legal affairs and is an encouraging example of intraregional academic collaboration. It focuses on relevant questions of regional, European and international integration of the South Eastern European states, issues of legal reform and approximation with the acquis communitaire, best practices in legal reform as well as approximation of the national legislations in SEE with EU law. The project provides several clearly measurable outputs. A multi-functional web platform will be set up to allow easy access to information about current EU law developments. It will also serve as tool for automatization of the production of the SEE LJ. The process will be supported by editorial board meetings. Adequate training will be provided for the participants in the process via webinars and manuals. In the life cycle of the project it is foreseen to publish four editions of the SEE LJ and to organise promotional events ‘EU Law Days’ in all 13 member faculties of SEELS. The envisaged measures will strengthen the capacities of the network as key competence centre for EU law studies in the region as well the faculties’ capacity for EU legal studies. It will increase the visibility of SEELS and fosters the SEE LJ to become the main vehicle for the promotion of EU law affairs in South East Europe. 
As the activities within this project are taking place, information is going to be published on our webpage and other virtual profiles.