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Public debate on Anti-discrimination in Sarajevo

For the purpose of presenting of results of the Draft-National Anti-discrimination study a public debate was held in the EU Info Centre of the EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina on April 11th, 2016. The main aim of the debate was to discuss, receive feedback, clarify and double-check the outcomes to be incorporated into the final version of the National study. In the course of almost 3 hours lasting event, moderated by a judge of the Supreme Court of Federation of BH and member of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of BH, 25 representatives of the Ombud Institution of BH, the Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees of BH,  the OSCE mission to BH, the Council of Europe, the EU delegation to BH, the Supreme Court of FBiH, the Joint Commission for Gender Equality of the Parliamentary Assembly of BH, the Ministry of Interior of Sarajevo Canton, the Sarajevo Canton Free Legal Aid Administration, law faculties and various non-governmental organizations active in the field of anti-discrimination, stood a chance to discuss and raise additional issues by commenting on the Study and providing their update of currently running efforts. The Study was praised by the OSCE representative and the Ombud Institution as a valuable contribution to the regional co-operation which is certainly important due to similar legal frameworks and protective mechanisms. Additional suggestions and recommendations in written form will follow soon. In large, it was a very successful and fruitful event that raised the interest among important stakeholders for the comparative study that will be presented at the Regional Conference in Budva in June this year.