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 1. Why to take Interns?

The main goal of every company or institution is to work more efficiently and, as known, improve the results of the work. Therefore, by hiring an intern, you could contribute to the overall working process. Interns can always have huge contribution, bearing in mind their motivation and their youth. They always bring fresh and new ideas, and often see a way of doing things that the more experienced professionals might miss. Besides that, the interns can always help the more experienced professionals with the use of technology and help them finish projects and operations faster. Also, the internship can be just a trial period that can always lead to something more. If, as a possible employer, you view how much potential and excellence a student brings you might be interested in keeping that person and hire them as a paid employee. Finally, hiring interns is always good for your reputation because every intern will be eager to share its experience with its peers. 

2. How to find an intern?

SEELS has an idea to help all the seekers of an intern to find them easily. The only thing you need to do is give us the details regarding the internship position that you are offering and we will publish them on our web page, accessible to more than 41,000 students represented by SEELS, so that every student seeking an internship can view them. That way, we are serving an intermediary role and will help you in this whole process. 

3. Why to offer Scholarships?

Scholarships can be highly benefitial, not only for students, but for companies and institutions as well. They can be used as a tool for recruitment and talent – development, as well development of social responsibility, and as a PR activity. Finally they enable students and young academics to conduct research, which is crucial in today’s modern, intensively developing world.

4. Publish scholarship opportunities on our web – page.

SEELS’ web – page can serve as a platform where scholarship opportunities can be published. You simply need to contact us and send us your scholarship opportunities, so that we make them available to our 41,000 students




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