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1. Why an Internship?

During your studies, as law student in the South East European (SEE) region, you get your educational experience and learn a lot about the legal system in your own country. During the undergraduate and the post – graduate studies you can gain theoretical knowledge, but also learn a large corpus of the applicable legal rules. However, the question that arises is - which is the best way to start practicing the gained knowledge, and how to get experience so that you get properly prepared to enter the complex and challenging legal professional world? The most widely known and accepted way are the internships. By undertaking an internship, as a student, you are going to be surrounded with professionals of the legal world that you seek to enter. That way you can learn from everyone around you, ask questions and impress them with your efforts. By doing so, you are going to get familiar with your future colleagues and maybe even your future employers. Besides that, it is great that you are going to get a chance to practice your knowledge, learn practical methods, and possibly earn some money to start off within the real world.


2. How to get an internship trough the SEELS Internship Pool programme?

SEELS developed the Internship Pool as a project with an aim to help each seeker for an internship. By announcing the Calls for Internships on our web – page we enable you to choose which internship you want to apply for and try your best at finding one. You simply need to open the SEELS web – page at http://www.seelawschool.org, click the Internship Pool tab and find all the announcements and all the necessary information. By clicking on the announcement you are interested for you can get more information for the internship itself and the contact information that you need so that you apply.


3. Why a Scholarship?

Scholarships are, nowadays, one of the best options for law students, and students in general. In that sense, students which have received financial assistance have had financial, educational, career, and of course personal benefits. Therefore, SEELS decided to further develop the already – established platform for internships and to add the scholarship component to it as well.


4. How to get a Scholarship trough the SEELS Scholarship Pool programme?

SEELS developed the Scholarship Pool on the basis of the previously developed Internship Pool. Namely, we are regularly publishing scholarship opportunities on our web – page, where you can access them and check the application terms and conditions.”