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55th Anniversary of the Faculty of Law University of Niš


The Faculty of Law University of Niš celebrates it`s 55th anniversary this year. The Faculty was founded in 1960 as the Legal department of the Faculty of Law and Economics, which was part of the University of Belgrade. In the year 1970 the Faculty became independent. Now, the Faculty of Law in Niš is a state educational and scientific institution of higher education within the structural framework of the University of Niš. It is registered to provide legal education in the following scientific areas: public law, criminal law, civil law, 

trade law, international law, legal history, legal theory, law and politics, and law and economy. The Faculty of Law provides and permanently develops all programs and levels of legal education, scientific research and professional practice in the filed of law and other social sciences and humanities in full compliance with the highest quality standards. 

For 55 years of the Faculty existence, 46 000 students passed through it`s classrooms and corridors. Close to seven thousand of them graduated; around two hundred students finished their postdoctoral research with success.

Respecting it`s half-century tradition, on 18th of May each year, the Faculty celebrates Day of the Faculty of Niš. The tradititon will be followed this year as well and a two-day international scientific conference will be held. In two days, 18. and 19. of May, domestic and 

foreign legal experts will present their papers on this year`s conference topic - Law in the service of a weaker party. Their research papers will be published in a separate collection of papers.